Friday, November 19, 2010

fantastic friday

two more from nashua for your viewing pleasure. a gorgeous friday it is, cooler than earlier this week but it's bound to happen. yesterday i finally got my hair cut! it's been hanging in my eyes for about a month now, and so it was absolutely necessary. i splurged a bit and had my eyebrows waxed also. since they are blonde, they are nearly invisible until they get to THAT point and then they need attention. we are gearing up for t-day here and the holidays to follow. before you know it, january will be here and a time for new starts quilty-wise. a new UFO list, a time to re-arrange, destash and fling. i hope the snow holds off until then, but that's pushing it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i almost forgot! jeanne sent me these gingerbread men potholders too, aren't they soooo cute? i'll never use them on pots, but they will get hung up at christmas to show them off. they are simply adorable!

awwww, jeanne....

this was in my mailbox today, from jeanne, my 3-2-1 swapper. isn't this simply gorgeous! wow, i am loving this beautiful christmas-y tote! i'm going to use it year-round, though; it's just too pretty to keep for only christmas! and potato chip cookies? snack nirvana! the gorgeous FQs will get added to my christmas stash and the coaster will go on my mat, 'cause i always get wet rings from my pepsi! thank you, jeanne! **** now that i have conquered my paper piecing phobia, i want to move on to the applique challenge, but waaahhh i want to do another paper piecing project! today, though, it's quilting butterflies....maybe i can get 3 squares done; we'll see.

as promised....

here is the entire wallhanging top, now done. this means my 30s stash has now dwindled down to possibly enough for one more quilt top. i've got a pattern in mind that should use them all that's REALLY stashbusting! this won't get quilted until next year and will be a 2011 UFO finish for certain.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

at sara's request

first, i apologize for the lighting/image being so poor. next, some background info. i've always said i'm no designer. i found this pattern called "beginner's star" in one of jan halgrimson's wire-bound, soft-cover books on scraps. they are oldies but very good goodies and i refer to them a lot because i make mostly scrap quilts. when i saw the pattern, i thought it was ideal for 30s prints and would be easily paper pieced. the blocks are 4 units each, so i divided the units into half units and voila! - all straight lines. i then traced each unit onto vellum for paper piecing. at that time, my knowledge of paper piecing was nearly zip, so i got exasperated with the project and set it aside. after taking carol doak's class last summer, i was enthusiastic about finishing it, which brings us to the present. here are 4 blocks (of the total 9) that i pieced BEFORE the class. i have really noticed a big difference in these as opposed to those i pieced AFTER the class. Not that these aren't ok, but you can almost see the difficulty i had in the block itself. isn't that uncanny! anyway, sara wanted to know what the block looked like, so i've posted this for her. ***** this photo emphasizes the fact that i have no design wall, which is really helpful for construction and photographic purposes. i was looking around my room yesterday trying to figure out how i could possibly find space for one. and then, a bona fide brain storm (not merely a drizzle)! i am going to make a roman shade from flannel, hang it over my closet door and then i can unroll/roll it as needed. watching HGTV has really helped!

Monday, November 15, 2010

next year's UFO

of course i am still job hunting, but fortunately it doesn't interfere with my sewing much. for instance, this past weekend i whipped up this little christmas tablerunner. i've made a lot of these using the gold lame fabric as the center square. it washes and dries fine and gives the runner a little zing. the red fabric has gold threads/stars on it as well. in person it's gorgeous if i do say so myself. it probably won't be finished until next year, though, as i'm furiously quilting butterflies. in the next couple of days, i'm going to show off my paper piecing skills again, so stay tuned.....

PP Frenzy!

just like eating potato chips! i spent the WHOLE day at the old viking paper piecing these little units (4 make a square) for a wallhanging that's been in the shoebox for eons. i only have 1.5 blocks to go (6 units) and i can put the top together. today, though, i'm working on the wedding quilt as that absolutely MUST be done soon. these are mostly 30s repros but scattered in are some authentic vintage fabrics. this is the 4th item i have made from my 30s stash, but i think i have only enough small pieces for 1 more wallhanging or a couple of tablerunners. once this top is done, i'm moving on to another languishing UFO and clear out a large shoebox. i really AM busting stash, even though it takes a while for it to be noticeable.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

caution: objects appear larger than normal

on her blog yesterday, bonnie talked about collecting hotel pens. well, bonnie, i have a storage solution for you. this is walmart's mini 3-drawer plastic storage unit that i use for writing implements. in it i keep markers, pencils and pens that i have amassed including from job fairs, various employment situations and from banks, school, etc. most of my pens have drug names on them (from "drug dealers" aka pharmaceutical reps). this goes for writing pads around the house as well. every so often i check to see if the ink has dried out and toss the dead ones, but as you can see, shelf life is huge (no pun intended). ***** a great sewing day today. it's cloudy and cool out but the viking is smokin! working on an aged UFO, a paper piece project, utilizing tips i learned from carol doak this summer. i tell you, she is the queen of paper piecing in my book. i struggled through the first 3 blocks on my own, but now i'm whizzing through the others. i hope to have the entire 9 blocks (4 units each) done today or tomorrow. now that's progress!