Monday, September 27, 2010

Travel Photos

We took a side trip to Ephrata today on the way back from Denver and Sauder's, the heavenly fabric and bulk food items place. I was completely taken with the style of these houses. They look so, well, southern, and they were close to the road as well. One has morphed into a trinket shop of sorts, but all three really struck me as old and have survived well in all this time. It's been pouring rain here all day long but that didn't really dampen our vacation state of mind. We've been grazing a bit on local morsels and done some fabric shopping as well. More of the same tomorrow, I'm happy to say, then all gets wrapped up here in Lancaster on Wednesday. ***** We are staying at an economy motel chain whose online reviews were less than inspiring. We were going for price rather than style and I'm glad to say we weren't disappointed at all. We have found the digs very clean and accommodating. Sure, it isn't the Ritz but we didn't pay for the Ritz, nor could we afford the Ritz. It's clean, comfortable, reasonably priced, easily accessed, beyond our expectations and more than sufficient for our needs. We have comfy beds and all the necessary items close by (ice, vending etc.). They will get a glowing online recommendation from me.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Postcard View

Here we are in Lancaster and this is the view from our motel room. Imagine, fast food joints and a mall across the street and this just beyond our motel. We had a smooth but very early flight, no glitches at the car rental and an easy trip to Lancaster. We've got a quasi-itinerary roughed out that includes plenty of sightseeing, some local food treats and the fabric stores, of course!