Sunday, November 14, 2010

caution: objects appear larger than normal

on her blog yesterday, bonnie talked about collecting hotel pens. well, bonnie, i have a storage solution for you. this is walmart's mini 3-drawer plastic storage unit that i use for writing implements. in it i keep markers, pencils and pens that i have amassed including from job fairs, various employment situations and from banks, school, etc. most of my pens have drug names on them (from "drug dealers" aka pharmaceutical reps). this goes for writing pads around the house as well. every so often i check to see if the ink has dried out and toss the dead ones, but as you can see, shelf life is huge (no pun intended). ***** a great sewing day today. it's cloudy and cool out but the viking is smokin! working on an aged UFO, a paper piece project, utilizing tips i learned from carol doak this summer. i tell you, she is the queen of paper piecing in my book. i struggled through the first 3 blocks on my own, but now i'm whizzing through the others. i hope to have the entire 9 blocks (4 units each) done today or tomorrow. now that's progress!

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